Myclub Loyalty Programme: Terms & Conditions


The Myclub loyalty programme (hereafter ‘the Programme’) is proposed by VACANCESELECT GROUP SAS, simplified joint stock company, with equity capital of 145 721 596€, whose head office is at Espace Don Quichotte - 547, Quai des Moulins - BP 40048 - 34201 SÈTE cedex, registered in Montpellier under number 752 470 609.

The Programme is aimed at offering its Members the advantages detailed hereafter. The conditions of the Programme are annual. The present conditions are valid until 23 September 2019.

The programme is only available if the legislation of the country of residence of the Member authorises such. If this is not the case, membership is null and void.

Membership of the Programme implies unreserved acceptance of the present Conditions of the Myclub loyalty Programme by its Members.


- Member: Client having accepted the Conditions of the Myclub loyalty programme.

- Client: person having already booked a stay at a Vacanceselect group Camp Site, excepting naturist camps and bookings via the following web sites: vacanceselect, selectcamp and tohapinaturiste, all extensions and domain names included.


2.1. Conditions of membership

Are eligible for the Programme all physical adult persons or persons with legal capacity for contract signature in compliance with the law in the person’s country of residence.

Membership of the programme is free of charge and without obligation. To become a member, new Clients must create a customer account and expressly accept the Myclub Programme conditions. If he/she is already a Client, he/she must expressly accept the Myclub Programme conditions in order to become a Member.

Membership is nominative and strictly persona. It may not be sold, loaned or transferred. It does not represent a means of payment and does not guarantee a reservation.

Possession of an individual and valid e-mail address is essential for becoming a Member of the Programme. One e-mail address may not be used by more than one Member.

The Member must not communicate the password of their Client account to any third party.

2.2. Conditions of membership

A Client may join the Programme:

- by registering on-line on Vacanceselect group web sites, excepting the exclusions mentioned in Article 1;

- via the Vacanceselect telephone booking centres excepting the exclusions mentioned in Article 1;

- or by any other means made available to the Client.

The Client must provide the information required for membership to MyClub (creation of a Client account).

The information required is as follows: e-mail, civil status, first name, family name, date of birth, telephone number, country, post code, city, n° and street, place name/PO box, additional address information.

Obligatory information is identified as such during the membership registration.

To join the Programme, Members must accept the present Myclub Programme Conditions either on-line or by telephone at the Client relations centre, subject to the general conditions of membership.

Upon acceptance of the Myclub Programme Conditions and subject to membership being confirmed, the Client may benefit from the advantages offered by the Programme as detailed in the present conditions.


Only the principal holder of the booking may benefit from the Myclub advantages for the booking in question.

3.1 Client advantage, new Myclub Member

A new Member of the Myclub Programme benefits from a 5% reduction against their next booking solely via the Vacanceselect group web sites (excluding Works committees and tour operators and the exclusions mentioned in Article 1).

This advantage is immediately applicable to Members who are already clients of the Vacanceselect group (at least one booking completed). This advantage is not retroactive and may not be cumulated with other current promotional offers.

For new Vacanceselect group clients having joined the Myclub Programme, this advantage will be applicable to the second booking made with the Vacanceselect group.

3.2 Permanent advantages

In 2019, Members of the Programme will have two permanent advantages.

3.2.1 Weekly ‘MYCLUB’ draw

By joining the Programme, Members have expressly accepted the regulations of the Myclub draw. Participation of eligible Myclub Members is therefore automatic.

One draw will be held every Monday from 03/12/2018 to 23/09/2019 inclusive, of Members having booked a holiday in 2019 via the Organising Companies, per market: VS DISTRIBUTION FRANCE (France, Italy, Spain) and CANVAS HOLIDAYS (United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland and Germany), with one draw per market.

Each draw winner will be refunded the amount of their latest booking for the 2019 at a camp site under the TOHAPI, AMAC, CANVAS or SELECTCAMP brands. The refund does not include options payable on site nor the tourist tax, when this is payable at the Camp Site at the end of the stay.

A Member may only be declared a winner once per season, independently of the booking channel.

For the full applicable conditions, please consult the Myclub draw regulations.

3.2.2 Membership subscriptions

When joining the Programme, the Member benefits from the following preferential rates on the basis of reservations for 4 persons, excluding Premium mobile homes.

The following Camp Sites are excluded from this offer: Parc de la Fecht, Iles de Passy, Catalpas, Dune Blanche, Phare d'Opale. Atlantique Club Montalivet and Domaine de Chaussy are excluded from the offer for the weeks of 22/06 and 29/06.

The weekend rates are not applicable to the following Camp Sites: Domaine de Kermario, Ried, Europe, Petit Mousse, Palavas       


Members of the Programme accept that the conditions may be modified in part or in full at any time. Vacanceselect group will inform its members of any significant modifications made to the Programme conditions 15 days before their application.
If members refuse these modifications, they may terminate their membership in compliance with Article 7 of the present conditions.


Any claims relative to the Myclub Programme must be sent to the following address: Service Marketing Stratégique, Myclub, 547 quai des moulins, 34202 Sete Cedex or by e-mail:

After applying to the Customer Service department by recorded delivery letter, and if no satisfactory response has been provided within a reasonable period, the Client may refer to the Consumer Mediator, within a maximum period of one year from the date of the initial written claim. The Company’s mediator is: MEDICYS - mediation and amiable settlement by court bailiffs. All requests for mediation must be made either through the site:; or by post: MEDICYS, 73 Boulevard de Clichy - 75009 Paris.

In application of Article 1368 of the Civil Code, it is expressly agreed that the data stored in the Company’s and/or its partners’ information systems have legal force. Consequently, data on computer or electronic support, if produced as an element of proof by the Company in any legal dispute, will be considered acceptable, valid and opposable between the parties.


6.1. Termination at the Member’s initiative

The Member may decide at any time to withdraw from the Programme. For this, simply send a request to: Service Marketing Stratégique, Myclub, 547 quai des moulins, 34202 Sete Cedex or by e-mail:

6.2 Termination by the Vacanceselect group

Any violation of the present Conditions by a Member, any abusive or fraudulent use of the Programme advantages, any false information communicated and any prejudicial acts (notably malicious or insulting acts against Camp Site personnel or clients) may give rise to termination of Programme Membership without notice or compensation and the immediate loss of any advantages acquired.

6.3 Termination of the Myclub Programme
Members are informed, and expressly accept, that the advantages acquired within the framework of the Programme are annual. The benefits therefore only apply to the year 2019 and may not be deferred to the following season.
Furthermore, Vacanceselect Group reserves the right to terminate the present programme and not to repeat it at the end of the season.

6.4. Effects of termination

Independently of the reason for termination of membership or the Programme, all acquired advantages are immediately lost upon termination.


During membership of the Programme, Members are invited to accept reception of:

- electronic communications related to the operation and advantages of the Programme.

- marketing communication relative to the brands in the Vacanceselect Group and related marketing proposals.

Members may, at any time, request to no longer receive such communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of e-mail messages.


Data collected during registration or for Membership management is processed by VACANSELECT GROUP in its capacity of data processing manager:

- on a contract basis for execution of the present conditions

- on the basis of legitimate interest for its marketing activities (including targeted marketing campaigns).

Data is communicated to companies in the Vacanceselect Group, notably to VS DISTRIBUTION FRANCE and CANVAS HOLIDAYS LTD for organisation of the draws, and to its service provider PUBLICIS ETO, for the CRM tool.

For more information on our Personal Data Protection policy, please consult our confidentiality and cookies Policy.

In compliance with the applicable law, you have the right to apply at any time for access, modification, deletion, limitation or processing opposition of personal data held. You may also request portability and give instructions on the use of your data post mortem. To apply your rights, please contact our Personal Data Protection Delegate at the following address:


The Programme Conditions are governed by French law; however, all Members may prevail of mandatory legal provisions applicable in their country of residence.





VACANCESELECT GROUP confers upon CANVAS HOLIDAYS LTD a partnership, whose head office is at East Port House, 12 East Port, Dunfermline, KY12 7JG, Ecosse,  Royaume-Uni the organisation of an advertising lottery with obligation of purchase, entitled ‘Tirage au sort Myclub’ subject to the conditions detailed in the present regulations.


Participation in the game implies unreserved acceptance of the present regulations by the Participant.


Organising Company: designates CANVAS HOLIDAYS LTD

Camp Site(s): designates the camp site(s) under the TOHAPI, CANVAS, SELECTCAMP and AMAC brands.

Game: designates the weekly draw.

Call centre: designates the Organising Company’s telephone reservation service.

Web site(s):,,


Participation in the Game is automatic when the Client:

1) adheres to the Myclub loyalty programme

2) books and pays for a stay on a camp site directly with the Organising Company during the 2019 season via its Call Centre and its web sites.

These two conditions are cumulative.


5.1 The Game conditions are valid for the entire period, from 03/12/2018 to 23/09/2019.

5.2 The principle of the Game is as follows:

Every Monday the Organising Company will carry out a random draw from all the members of the Myclub loyalty programme which have booked a stay in the 2019 season at the Camp Sites, through the intermediary of the Company.

5.3 In the event of the Organising Company not being able to carry out the draw on the date scheduled in the present contract, the said date will be postponed to another day in the same week, without any further liability.

5.4 A draw will be held every Monday from 03/12/2018 to 23/09/2019 included, at 547 Quai des Moulins, 34200 Sète, under control of the Vacanceselect marketing and communication teams using the Selligent tool.

5.5 The Myclub member drawn each week will be declared ‘winner of the week’ if he/she respects the following criteria: physical person, adult, not a member of the personnel of the Organising Company or companies participating in the marketing or execution of the Game or members of their family (spouses, ascendant or descendant relations, brothers and sisters). Furthermore, the Myclub member drawn must have booked a holiday on a Camp Site for the 2019 season via CANVAS HOLIDAYS LTD.

5.6 If the person drawn cannot be declared as winner further to the above conditions, a second draw will be held under the same conditions.


6.1 Prizes allocated to draw winners:

The winner of the week will be refunded the amount of their last booking for the 2019 seasons on a Camp Site via the Organising Company. The refund does not include any additional options or options payable on-site, options added after the draw and all taxes, including tourist tax where this is payable at the Camp Site at the end of the stay.

6.2 The winner may not claim an additional refund, independently of the value of the stay refunded.


7.1 The winner will be informed of the result by e-mail after the draw.

The refund will be made by bank transfer. No other refund procedure is accepted.

7.2 If the winner has detailed an incorrect e-mail address upon booking and cannot be contacted for communication of the prize, the Organising Company may not be held responsible.

The winners authorise the Organising Company to carry out all verifications with regards to their identity.

Prizes not claimed within a period of 6 months from the date of the draw will automatically become the property of the Organising Company.


8.1 The prize will be paid to the winner by the Organising Company within 6 weeks of the draw subject to the winner having provided all the information required by the Organising Company.

8.2 The prize must be accepted as detailed in the present regulations. It may not be exchanged or transferred. Each prize is strictly personal. No changes may be requested of the Organising Company for any reason.

8.3 The Organising Company reserves the right to replace the prize by a prize of equivalent value, without any claims being possible against this change.

8.4 The Organising Company may not be held responsible for the period taken for prize delivery, or in the event of the winner being unable to benefit from the prize for reasons which are beyond the control of the Organising Company.

8.5 The Organising Company declines any responsibility for incidents or prejudice of any type which may arise through the use of the prize allocated.

8.6 In the event of fraud observed during the procedures of the Game, force majeure, exceptional events, events beyond its control or bug, the Organising Company may modify, extend, postpone or cancel the Game, without this conferring any rights upon participants to claim any form of compensation. The Organising Company may reject any fraudulent participation.


9.1 In order to participate in the Game, the participants must be a member of Myclub. In becoming member of Myclub, the Participants submit the following personal information: e-mail, civil status, first name, family name, date of birth, telephone number, country, post code, city, n° and street, place name/PO box, additional address information.

This information is necessary for their participation, definition of the winner and allocation of the prize. The information is collected by the Organising Company and may be communicated to technical service providers and service providers covering distribution of the prizes.

9.2 In compliance with the current regulations, participants have a right to access, rectify, delete, limit, oppose transfer and define the post mortem use of their personal data. For more information on the data management and your rights please consult our privacy and cookies policy.


Any dispute relative to the interpretation of the present regulation or execution of the Game which cannot be settled on an amiable basis will be subject to the competent tribunal notwithstanding imperative conditions to the contrary of a public order, notwithstanding plural defendants or warranty claims, even in the case of summary proceedings.